Designer - Artist - Illustrator - Communicator

Elizabeth Shropshire Ichton


ARTIST. Drawn to salt water since childhood, Elizabeth has found her place and inspiration in coastal New England; you can see her love of the ocean in her oil and watercolor paintings.

COMPLETE. She applies her creative vision in everything she does, painting, cooking, sewing, and gardening. Elizabeth is driven to approach every project with her artistic passion.

GRAPHIC DESIGNER. She creates thoughtful designs for communication and communicates through design. Elizabeth has 20+ years experience in concept-through-delivery graphic design with special expertise in printing coordination and project management. Her skills include branding, logos, publications, packaging, website design, posters, trade show graphics, photo art direction, illustration, editing, and infographics. She uses her practical experience to help develop clients’ visions, guide budgets and maintain schedules, focusing on project goals as the first priority.

TEACHER. Sharing her passion and knowledge of art, Elizabeth has taught adult professional and continuing education at Clark University; she’s planned rainy beach-day projects for nieces and nephews; and watercolored with 2-5-year-olds as artist-in-residence at Pembroke Hill. But like every good teacher, she is also an avid student; enthusiastically expanding her knowledge and learning new skills.

LEADER. A skilled problem-solver with right-brain left-brain balance, she observes thoughtfully and listens carefully. Elizabeth adds her unique combination of talents to every endeavor.

ARTIST first, ARTIST last. An artist forever.