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Design and Layout

Passports projectGraphic design — communication design — is the art of using visuals to amplify and clarify communications. A [skilled] designer starts with the ideas, reviews the words, applies fonts, mixes up sizes, adds color, tosses in a pictures and shapes, shakes all that stuff up, and [wow!] there you have graphic design. Professional graphic design contributes to a professional impression for a business or organization — a quality that do-it-yourself rarely achieves.

Working one-on-one with the designer you get exactly want you want (and only what you want.) Choose graphic design for a single item, or concept-through-delivery for an entire project. Logo, stationery, brochures, sell sheets, catalogs, packaging, tradeshow displays, website design. On time. On budget.

UMass Medical School CommencementProject Management

Project management entails overseeing a project to make sure all the pieces of the project come together by the deadline: design, copy writing, photography, packaging, printing, live website, social media postings, media advertising, trade show graphics and materials, logistics and distribution, and other tasks are all dependent on one another to make each project a success.

Print Management

Print Management is an integral of any project that includes any printed materials. From in-house copying to quantity web press projects. I am an exceptional print manager: preparing printing specifications, evaluating quality vs costs, vetting printers, scheduling, proofing and press checks.

Branding and Logos

Careful branding is critical for your customers, prospective customers, employees, associates and neighbors see that your business or organization is separate from (and better than) your competitors.Careful branding is critical to ensure that all of your audiences have a positive opinion of your products and services.

Successful branding touches on every aspect a business or organization: from welcoming signage to intuitive website; from informational newsletters to appropriate packaging, from a relevant logo to the consistant welcoming way that the phones are answered.

Each and every aspect of branding is integral to interact with one of more of a the audiences of a business or organization:
• Neighbors are ALL of the people who have a geographic relationship, whether it be in the same neighborhood, or in the same city or state... or country.
• Customers are the people that purchase goods or services. "Customers" are also the family, extended family, friends, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and every other person who has access to your primary customer's opinions.
• Employees are an undervalued and frequently forgotten audience.Their opinions count as credible, and, in this day of instant communications, it can and will influence customers.
• Finally your associates and vendors. Keep them in your good graces: their opinions have the potential to undermine or enhance in a millisecond.

Igiene sunscrean,ceanser and unde-reye treatmentBranding is like constructing a building: every brick, beam, window, wire, and door contributes the to the opinion of the quality of your business, organization, products and services. Start with a plan. I will strategize branding to fit your resources, your budget, your organization and your personality to help your business or organization excel!


90% of a product is its package. Packaging protects the product, describes its attributes, provides directions for use — it sells the product and it also is instrumental in selling company that is manufacturing the products, and thus, initials additional product sales. Successful packaging is the foundation and the roof of the brand.

Newsletter and Magazines

Fresenius PatientLine magazineRule number 1: Keep in touch. Rule number 2: keep in touch. Rule number 3: keep in touch. Online newsletters and magazines are an economical way to touch base with your audiences: daily, weekly or monthly. Printed materials are critical to competing in more up-scale markets.

Infographics and Illustrations

Infographics and illustrations are a form of content marketing that draw the viewer into the communication. Infographics and illustrations can explain complex details, transform the boring and monotonous data into relevant information, and reveal the comical aspect of serious matters. Think of the posts that bounce out of obscurity with a image to hook the reader.

Maps, Plans, Directions

map of Narragansett BayCustom maps are an effective (and ingenious) way of making your customers feeling personally welcomes and comfortable! Exterior or interior location plans (you are here!); school campuses; malls; airport terminals, gates and parking; obscure spaces in complicated buildings — get your customers to your door in a relaxed and happy mood. I'll make a map for you: your theme, your content, your colors. Your final approved map and directions are tested and guaranteed, and can be deliverd printed, print-ready or as a downloadable PDF.

tshirt with pirate shipT-Shirts and Promo Items

Custom-designed — one-on-one with designer — t-shirts, caps, travel mugs, backpacks, and more. Give a gift. Promote your business, your product, your book, your music, your website, your goals, or your acheivments. T-shirts are professionally designed — in print-ready file, a delivery of printed items, or ready to order online.

tshirt with pirate shipCDs and DVDs

Use CDs and DVDs to show in real time: products, demonstrations, lessons, music, speeches, readings of stories and poetry. Each disc is individually designed, decorated with provided photos (or picture-perfect — and affordable — stock images) and visionary fontography. Package choices for discs include digipaks, jewel cases and envelopes. Oversite of production and high-quality replication is available, please inquire.

Email or phone Elizabeth at 508-754-1902. If you have an artisctic project, I'll be happy to talk about it with you. Chatting is free! No obligation!